Slave Auction

by l_greytree



Black frowned as Captain Dickerson slipped the handcuffs around his wrists and locked them into place. His expression matched his mood, and the clothes he'd selected for this fiasco. Black.

"You're next," the captain said squeezing Black's shoulder as sign of support.

"I know," Black growled as he watched the antics on the stage of the auditorium. He and Captain Dickerson and the rest of the "slaves" were backstage waiting for their turn to be auctioned off at the third annual slave auction for the children's hospital. Black had managed to avoid this particular event for two years. This year he hadn't been so lucky.

"You'll be fine," the captain said in a reassuring tone of voice and then pointed to the woman on stage clad in a skimpy jailbird outfit. "I bet you'll earn more money than Maggie."

"I doubt it," Black deadpanned. "She promised to bake whoever wins her a lasagna dinner as well as clean his or her house. That's hard to beat."

Dickerson snorted in denial and shook his head. "She's our best dispatcher," he commented absent-mindedly. "The bidding is over $500.00."

"Why can't you just buy me, sir," Black half whispered. "You know I clean your electrocraft like no one else does…"

"I would if I could, Black," the captain said in his most earnest tone of voice which immediately indicated to Black that the man was lying, "but you know it's against the rules. Upper management can't participate."

"Yeah, right," Black muttered as he watched Maggie do a little dance for the audience. He knew that most of his team, everyone except Parker, had joined forces and they had saved a lot of money. Would it be enough? Black also knew how much the majority of the department didn't like him and that someone would somehow use this to humiliate him. He sighed loudly as Maggie was sold to R&R for $575.00 and reminded himself this was for 'a good cause'.

The auctioneer, a doctor from the children's hospital whose name Black had already forgotten, signaled to the captain and cheerfully announced Black. Muttering curses underneath his breath, Black walked out onto the stage and the crowd broke out into a roaring applause. 'Great,' Black thought to himself, 'just great.'

The two spotlights shined directly on him so he couldn't make out any specific person in the audience but he was able to echolocate his team. They were cheering the loudest and looking in that general direction, Black did see his lover. Calyx Starr, wearing tight red leather pants and a torn silver-sequined white shirt, was a beacon of brightness amidst a sea of muted casual clothes.

He smiled as he thought of his lover and his whole team. They were the best. 'They better have saved enough money to get me,' he thought to himself as the auctioneer started the bidding. 'Otherwise payback is going to be hell.' During the past two weeks he had dropped several hints that workouts and life in general would not be fun for the rest of JC2 if he were bought by someone not on the team.

Several groups bid at the start but at around $200 dollars, a few dropped out. 'Good,' Black thought. He supposed it would look bad if he didn't sell for very much but he really didn't want this fiasco to continue any longer. He heard Starr put in an offer of $250.00. Maybe one of the retired officers would win him and make him mow the lawn, paint the fence, or put new shingles on the roof. Someone else countered with $275.00. Black thought he recognized the voice. He wondered what awful things his "master" would make him do and a grimace appeared on his face. 'This is gonna suck,' he thought.

"Sir!" A voice jarred him back to the present. The auctioneer was looking pointedly at him. 'Shit!' Black thought and looked at the man to see if he had missed something. "Lieutenant Black, could you please turn around? There has been a request by one of the bidders," the man spoke loudly into the microphone.

Black plastered a fake smile on his face and slowly turned around once. There were several hoots and cheers and Black noted with dismay that Starr was amongst those cheering. The blond empath was going to be dead after this…dead…in a slow and painful way! Black was sure Starr was the one who had requested that he turn around. He vaguely heard the auctioneer resume the bidding and decided he should probably pay more attention.

After being on the stage for a while, Black adjusted to the lights and now could see the audience. He smiled again. Starr was the most flamboyantly dressed man out there and Black somehow felt proud that the empath was his.

The bidding soon cleared $400.00 and Black started to worry. Only his team and JC1 were left. Black glared at the other team. Being won by them would be a disaster and, judging by how they were leering at him, they were planning on making his life hell if they won him. Only Sundhill had the decency to look at him without a sneer except that his eyes spoke of what he wanted from Black. 'Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,' Black thought and turned his attention to his team. Jake, Bee, Haney, and Starr were counting something and Black hoped it was the thousand dollars they had left.

The crowd was screaming and cheering the two sides on as the bidding cleared $500.00. Black heard someone from JC1, probably Flaherty, say something about bringing his toothbrush because their bathrooms hadn't been cleaned in years. Black growled underneath his breath but then had to chuckle as he heard Starr call all of JC1 a bunch of "stuck up street dumb pansy asses". He shook his head. Only Calyx could come up with something like that and have the nerve to shout it in an auditorium full of cops and hospital personnel.

Black sighed. At least he wasn't earning the least amount; that would have embarrassed the team. He supposed he could deal with whatever happened and then move on. Nothing could be worse than what he'd gone through before as a teenager.

The crowd burst into applause as JC1 upped the bid to $700.00. That was followed by silence as Jake, Bee, Haney and Starr looked at each other and Starr raised it to $725.00. Black knew they were reaching their limits.

"800.00," Sundhill countered and gave Black a knowing smile. There was silence coming from JC2 and Black knew they were done.

"I have $800.00," the auctioneer shouted. "Anyone else? We have a fine lieutenant here. He's worth more than that." Silence. "$800.00." More silence. Black looked over to his team; they looked back at him apologetically and Starr glared in the direction of JC1. "$800.00 going once…"

"$1,000.00," a voice from the back said. All heads turned to see who had spoken. Black couldn't tell who it was because the person was so far back and didn't have any distinguishing features. He looked over to his team and they seemed perplexed while JC1 was frantically trying to come up with more than a thousand as the auctioneer started the countdown.

"$1,000.00 for one of Juxtapose City's finest! Do I have a higher bid?" Silence. "$1,000.00 going once."

"Oh fuck!" Someone from JC1 shouted. All heads turned to look at them and Black couldn't help but chuckle as he watched a red blush appear on Sundhill's face. At least someone else was going to be embarrassed as well.

"$1,001.00," Sundhill responded although he was glaring at one of his teammates.

"$1,001.00 is the current bid," the auctioneer announced.

"$1,500.00," the voice from the back of the room countered. The room was again filled with gasps followed by a heavy silence. Black was shocked. Someone was willing to pay a lot of money for him. It was almost unthinkable. He found himself once more lost in thought as the auctioneer started counting down again. What would someone want him to do that was worth that much money? Who would be willing to spend that much on him?


Black snapped out of it as he heard that word. Music started playing and lights were flashing to celebrate the highest bid of the day so far. He looked around to see if he recognized the buyer but couldn't see anything or anyone. He did see both JC teams looking dismayed so he guessed that the mystery buyer's bid of $1,500.00 stood.

"This way, sir," the auctioneer said and escorted Black down the steps to the waiting area. After a winning bidder paid, he or she would be given a receipt to collect the slave. Black frowned. He would be at this person's mercy all afternoon, evening and through the following morning. Perhaps his master was one of the office types who would have him organize the paperclip collection, alphabetize his pencils, buy him a cheeseburger and fries and then let him go.

The next auction started. It was someone from homicide; a clerk who analyzed fingerprints. Black noticed that most of the crowd, especially the JC teams, was watching him and not the next slave. Flaherty looked pissed; Sundhill looked dismayed; and Starr was furious but was still managing to taunt JC1. Black chuckled and then smiled at Starr who dramatically blew him a kiss. His beautiful lover was so expressive at times. Movement to one side caught his eye and he turned toward the table just as he heard several moans and one scream.


The auditorium became suddenly silent and many heads turned to stare at the lithe young man with the long auburn braid. He was wearing tight stonewashed jeans, a white tank top and his black leather jacket.

"Ahem," the auctioneer almost shouted into the microphone. "The current bid is…"

Black lost all interest in the auction. He watched Parker hand a piece of paper to the official who reviewed it and then handed something back to Parker. The prescient then gracefully walked over to Black, grabbed him by the handcuffs, and pulled him towards the back door of the auditorium.

"What the fuck, Parker?" Black asked.

"We're leaving…" Parker replied with an enigmatic smile, "…slave."

"That's not what I meant and you know it, Parker. What's going on?"

"I bought you," Parker said with a smirk as they left the auditorium, "and I own you for the next twenty four hours. What part of this are you not getting?"

Black growled in frustration and glared at the long haired prescient. "How could you afford me?"

Parker stopped for a moment and gave Black another enigmatic smile. "I tapped into the Ortega Street nest egg," he said slyly. "You should be thankful it was me and not JC1."

"I'm not so sure about that," Black growled as he started following Parker once more. They headed towards a luxurious stretch electrocraft and Black was stunned when a chauffeur opened the door for them. He gave Parker another questioning look.

"After you," Parker said and indicated for Black to get inside. Once they were seated, Parker produced a bottle of expensive looking champagne and two crystal goblets from the elctrocraft's bar. "Champagne?"

"Can you take these off?"

"No. I want to see you drink Krug handcuffed."

"This is ridiculous, Parker."

"Maybe so, but you could at least try and enjoy it."

"Why did you do this? Why waste your money on me? I have a boyfriend."

"I wanted us to have one last time," Parker replied wistfully. "I wanted it to be really nice…like what we didn't have." What he didn't say was that he was not giving up on Black and that he would find a way, any way to win the handsome lieutenant away from the empath.

Black was silent as he thought on what Parker said. He could guess at what Parker would be demanding later and he was ambivalent. He loved Starr but he and Parker had history, memories and a connection forged by time. Licking his lips and accepting the glass of champagne, he gave Parker a smirk as he drank dexterously while still cuffed. This was certainly better than cleaning Sundhill's bathroom with his toothbrush. He'd never ridden in an electrocraft as large and long as this one and he'd certainly never had Krug…He and Parker could argue about certain other things later.

Parker directed the chauffeur to drive to the Plaza Excelsior, the most expensive and luxurious hotel in all of Juxtapose City, and he chuckled when Black raised an eyebrow at him. "Only the best tonight," he said with a roguish smile. He had already rented the penthouse suite and was planning on ordering the most expensive items on the room service menu. This time was certainly different than the last time he was at the Plaza Excelsior.


(two weeks ago)

Parker stepped briskly through the door of the Plaza Excelsior and wound his way to the Cerulean Moon Lounge. The Plaza Excelsior had many restaurants and cafés but this one specialized in martinis and exotic cocktails. It was also where business men and upscale travelers went to find discreet escorts. It was where Parker was going to find his target. He slipped the security guard five dollars as he entered.

Mr. John T. Applegate was a member of the city council. He was immensely popular with his constituents but disliked by the rest of the city council and most high ranking city officials. He was a large, tall, obese man with dark, almost black, hair and cold calculating eyes. Instead of going home to his wife and family for lunch, he usually went to the Cerulean Moon Lounge for a martini and to find companionship for a few hours. Parker was here to provide that companionship.

He sat down at one of the tables that gave an unobstructed view of the entire room, ordered a Purple Gecko Martini and waited quietly. He didn't have long to wait. Mr. John T. Applegate appeared within a few minutes and Parker felt his stomach lurch at the sight of the man. Repulsive…almost as bad as Dickerson.

Taking a deep breath and reminding himself of who he was and that he was through with failure and passive acceptance of what life gave him, Parker let all of his usually shrouded sexuality pour out of his every pore. He summoned up and surrounded himself with sensuality and then projected it outward towards the rest of the room. Towards his target. He picked up the martini, took a sip, and caught the man's eyes with a seductive yet defiant look. Lowering his eyes sensually Parker then opened his mouth lasciviously and traced the edge of the martini glass with the tip of his tongue.

The man's eyes widened slightly and then his gaze raked over Parker's face appreciatively as he started to walk to Parker's table. A very slender blonde in a tight fitting black dress and bright red lipstick intercepted the man but he pushed her away roughly and muttered something about not being interested in the usual trash today.

Parker held his distaste in check and gave Mr. John T. Applegate a searing look as he approached. He eyed the empty seat at the table and the man promptly sat down. They made the appropriate small talk; Parker let the man touch him inappropriately and pretended to enjoy it. Mr. Applegate seemed pleased but more so with himself and soon excused himself to make a phone call. He dropped a room key on the table as he left. Room 713. Thirteen was Parker's lucky number. He smiled, picked up the key and sauntered towards the elevator. Feeling Mr. Applegate's eyes on his back, he turned and saw the man at a payphone. Winking, Parker opened his mouth licentiously as though he were swallowing the man's cock and then continued towards the elevator.

As he approached the room, Parker made sure no one else was in the area. He then knocked on the door to make sure the room was empty and only after a moment of silence did he enter cautiously. Smirking to himself, he memorized the layout of the room. Room 713 was, quite possibly, the smallest room in the hotel. Parker had been hoping for something bigger, nicer, and definitely better but now he wasn't at all surprised that the man was a cheap bastard. Granted cheap for the Plaza Excelsior was ten times better than anyplace Parker had ever seen.

Parker surreptitiously walked toward the bathroom and noticed that the mirror could not be seen from the doorway. Perfect. He turned on the light, closed the door halfway and waited. This time he had to wait much longer. After ten minutes he began to worry that the council man had changed his mind or had been waylaid by an opportunistic hooker. Parker frowned and decided maybe he should go look for the man. Everything had just been going too smoothly so he was due for something to go wrong.

Parker was about halfway to door when it opened and Mr. Applegate entered. Great. Just great. He mentally cursed every god he could think of.

"Hey, baby," the dark haired council man sneered, "How come you're not in the bed, naked, with your legs spread nice and wide, waiting for me to fuck you brainless? Oh…nevermind. Can the last bit, angelcakes. You're probably there already."

Parker stared at the corpulent man in shock but then shook his head and smiled seductively. Brainless indeed. "I was checking out the bathroom and stealing the complimentary soap, shampoo and coffee supplies," he said cheerfully as he reached inside the pocket of his jacket. "You don't mind, do you?"

"You can have whatever you want, doll," Mr. Applegate replied, "as long as I get that nice ass of yours. You better be tight; I don't want no loose ho-"

Parker stopped the man mid-sentence. His SigSauer P2280 equipped with a silencer delivered a clean GoldDot hollow-point bullet to the middle of his forehead. Parker liked using gold colored bullets. He smiled again as he put the gun away. Good riddance. He slipped a few Bliss tabs in the man's pocket, wiped the fingerprints off of the key and the doorknobs, and left.


Dinner had been delicious and Black felt content. He and Parker had enjoyed various appetizers, champagne, steak, lobster, more champagne, oysters, caviar, and even more champagne. They had been like two children in a candy store with the room service menu. Black still couldn't believe Parker could afford all this but the auburn haired man had just signed the check without even flinching. Now they were relaxing on the sofa and Black just felt good. 'Too much champagne,' he thought to himself.

He closed his eyes and felt himself drifting away when suddenly he was jarred on one side. "Parker," he complained opening his eyes and noticing the other man now pressed against him.

"What?" Parker asked and gave Black a seductive smile as he moved his hand to Black's thigh.

"I was…resting," Black answered and stared at the hand on his thigh. "You should move that hand."

"OK," Parker replied and, with a big grin, slid his hand slowly down between Black's legs.

"That's not what I meant," Black growled and continued to stare at the hand that was now cupping him.

"I know," Parker said in a cheery voice, "but it's what you wanted me to do." With that he squeezed and then stroked Black's cock through his black pants. He chuckled when he felt it harden underneath his hand. "See."

"I don't think this is a good idea, Parker," Black said but shuddered as a wave of pleasure rolled through him. Blood rushed to his cock and engorged it as Parker continued to stroke him. Starr was going to kill him.

"Then don't bother thinking," Parker quipped as he quickly unbuttoned and unzipped Black's pants. "You know you want this."

"No," Black said but without much conviction. Parker's touches were making his body sizzle and any resistance he might have had was quickly being eroded by the auburn haired man's ministrations. He felt Parker's slender fingers dip inside his boxers and release his already straining erection. 'How can Parker do this to me all the time? It's as though nothing's changed…' Black thought to himself. 'Must be the champagne…'

"Yes," Parker answered while managing to pull off Black's pants, "We both want this." Continuing to stroke Black's arousal, he rolled his fingers over the fat head and spread pre-cum over the tip and down the shaft. His hand slid up and down with long deliberate strokes.

Black sighed. This felt so good. He did like they way Parker touched him, the way Parker made him feel, the way Parker used his body. He tried to think of Starr but those thoughts were washed away by the erotic sensations cascading over his body. His cock was already hard and aching for release. Black knew he wasn't going to last long at this pace. He blamed the champagne.

"Look at me," Parker ordered crisply and tightened his fingers around Black's shaft.

Black opened his eyes and the sight of Parker with his long luxurious auburn hair, elfin face, and wickedly mischievous eyes staring at him intently was enough to hurtle him over the edge. He gasped and spilled in the other man's hand. With Parker's body close, keeping him warm, Black shut his eyes and savored the aftermath of his orgasm.

"Why don't you take your clothes off?" Parker asked after several moments.

Black opened his eyes and looked intently at the prescient. Parker was sensual but somehow seemed different; he was more controlled, more dominant than Black remembered. He slipped his shirt off and then pulled his pants down. They were both already barefoot. Black absent-mindedly wondered why Parker had painted his toenails blood red. "Did you foresee this happening?"

"No," Parker replied with a chuckle, "I only see bad things, remember?"

"This could turn out bad…very bad."

"No…it won't; we won't let it. I want you to suck my cock."

"I shouldn't," Black replied and looked away as Parker stood up.

"I want you to and you know you want it too," Parker said and stood in front of Black in between the telepath's legs. He unbuttoned his jeans with a pop and then unzipped them slowly, half an inch at a time.

Black stared at the other man. Parker wasn't like Starr. Parker didn't really challenge him; Parker just made him feel good; Parker was safe. 'Safe sex,' Black mused and a chuckle escaped his lips. He blamed the champagne as he leaned forward, slipped both his hands into Parker's jeans and pulled out the other man's erection. Parker also had a very nice cock. Leaning forward, he nuzzled and then licked the tip. "Part of me wants this," he murmured huskily against Parker's hard length. "You make me feel good."

"Show me how good I make you feel," Parker replied softly and ran his fingers through Black's thick dark hair. "I love your hair."

Black took hold of Parker's cock and rubbed it against his face. He leaned into the prescient's groin, licked and sucked each ball a few times before sliding his tongue up the underside of the engorged sex. Opening his mouth he wrapped his lips around the fat head of Parker's erection. His lips squeezed the head and his tongue played with the slit. He tasted Parker's pre-cum; the sweet salty essence leaking out also had that familiar taste that was uniquely Parker and that Black always found arousing. His lips widened and he took in more.

"That's it," Parker whispered. His voice was sultry and sounded almost breathless. "Isn't it better like this…just you and me with no one forcing us?"

Black moaned around Parker's cock as he took a deep breath. The other man's musky scent surrounded and enveloped him like a comfortable blanket that also turned him on and made him want to please Parker. His lips started gliding up and down, spreading saliva and pre-cum all over Parker's engorged manhood. Black's lips were stretched and the fullness of his mouth made him feel complete. Safe and complete.

Parker started thrusting ever so slightly. His movements grew steadily and soon he was thrusting deep into Black's hot willing mouth.

Black moaned again. His mouth was sore and, with each thrust, he felt Parker's cock at the back of his throat. It felt good to be claimed and owned so completely. Arching his back and tipping his head back just a little, Black freely offered Parker his mouth to do with as he pleased.

The sight of Black so willing and so eager was almost enough to make Parker spill right then but he held his desire in check. He wanted more. He wanted to fully claim the telepath and remind him of everything good they had ever shared. Reluctantly pulling his straining cock out of Black's mouth, Parker helped Black stand but then neatly flipped him over the side of the couch. He hurriedly licked two of his fingers and slid them inside Black's tight hidden entrance.

Black gasped as he was penetrated so quickly but then moaned in ecstasy as Parker started moving his fingers in and out. He rested his arms on the floor in front of him and surrendered to being taken. Parker's fingers felt so good sliding and scissoring inside him, stretching him, preparing him for something much bigger. "More," he said in breathless voice and then felt a wave of pleasure roll through him like a tidal wave. Parker must have found his sweet spot and then, again, Black almost screamed as pleasure washed over him. "God…Parker…"

After a cursory preparation, Parker moved to the couch and lined himself up behind Black so his cock was positioned right at the sphincter. "Is this what you want?" Parker whispered huskily and when Black moaned in response he grabbed Black's hips and thrust forward forcefully.

"Parker!" Black screamed as the prescient seated himself fully in one deliberate thrust. "Oh…god." Black felt completely full and stretched to the limit. It felt so good…and so dirty. He was bent over the side of a couch being fucked by someone other than his boyfriend and he loved every second of it. He blamed the champagne. Parker started moving and Black saw stars flash in front of his eyes. "Harder…"

Parker smirked and thrust harder and harder. He angled his movements and was rewarded by Black's scream as his erection grazed over Black's prostate. Black truly was a sensual creature once he let go of his control and surrendered to the passion inside him. Parker knew how to bring that out and he wasn't going to let Black forget that ever again. He continued to slam into the telepath and then reached around to grab Black's cock. He gave it several strong, deliberate strokes at the same pace as he thrust into the younger man. "Come for me," he finally whispered.

Black screamed and clenched his eyes shut. Pleasure radiated from his cock, from deep inside him, and from deep within his mind. That pleasure intensified until Black's entire body trembled uncontrolled in a conflagration of burning lust and desire. The prescient knew just how to control his body and drive him wild with passion. Black screamed again as he was completely overwhelmed and came once again in Parker's hand. His body writhed and clenched around Parker's throbbing manhood. He vaguely heard Parker shout his name and then felt the prescient spill inside his body.

Parker lowered himself onto Black's body and wrapped his arms around the telepath's shoulders. He sighed and savored the blissful aftermath of their union. After several minutes, he pulled Black back up onto the couch and held him close. "Want some more champagne," he asked with a mischievous smile. "We have all night yet…"


Parker limped into Dickerson's office. The captain lowered the newspaper he was reading, eyed Parker, and raised an eyebrow.

"What happened, Parker?" Dickerson asked with a smirk.

"I've been the workout dummy for the past two days," Parker grumbled.

The captain laughed and eyed Parker's lithe form dressed in a white tank top and gray sweatpants. "Serves you right! Payback's a bitch, isn't it?" Parker grumbled but chose to ignore that comment. "I heard Black spent the day after the auction seated at his computer doing research," Dickerson continued with a sneer.

Parker chose to ignore the man's baiting. Instead he reached in his pocket and retrieved a plastic credit card which he flipped onto Dickerson's desk. "There's the change. I didn't spend it all."

Dickerson looked at the card and then raised his eyes to Parker's face. "That money was all yours; you can keep it," he said evenly.

"I'd rather not piss you off…too much," Parker said snidely.

Dickerson gave him a feral smile and slid the card back towards Parker. "Keep it," he said. "It's not that much…not worth getting upset at you…for that. The Bliss was a nice touch by the way." He smiled as Parker picked up the card and returned it in his pocket. "Do you want another one?"

Parker stopped and gave the captain a questioning stare. Surely the man wasn't asking him to do what he'd just done again.

Dickerson pulled a manila folder from his desk and pushed it toward the prescient. "This one is worth double," the captain said evenly although his eyes glittered with an almost maniacal ferocity.

Parker picked up the folder and tucked it under his arm. "How soon do you want it done?"

"As soon as possible…no later than two weeks."

"Consider it done." Parker nodded and walked out the captain's office. 'Your turn is coming up, asshole,' he thought to himself and smiled. Passing by Lieutenant Sundhill, he gave the blond a licentious look and then winked before continuing to walk away gracefully. He'd be in charge soon.

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